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Jam-Ups Gimme Johann Sebastian Bark
Call name "SEBASTIAN"!!!

Sebastian went Group 1 and Group 4
his 1st weekend out as a Special!!!!!

MANY THANKS to Dr. Robert D. Smith

MANY THANKS to Ms. Marjorie J. Underwood

Sebastian is our newest edition to our
breeding program. He was bred by Janis McGee.
Thank you Janis for trusting us with this wonderful boy!!!

Sebastian is a NEW CHAMPION and
He Finished the same day as Amber, also with a
4 Point Major. He was 10 months old

New Champions!! 4 Point Major!!!

Sebastian and Amber 2 more points

Thanks to Bob Strum !!

5 Point Major!!!

Thanks to Ken McDermott !!

Sebastian was 4th in the 9-12 month puppy class in the National
Speciality!! I am very pround of him!! He placed everyday also!!

Thanks to Eileen Nickolas !!

Sebastian was 4th in the 8-10 month puppy class in the National
Speciality Puppy Sweepstakes!!

Thanks to James Fredrickson !!

Sebastian was 4th in 9-12 month puppy class on the 2nd day,
& Amber was 3rd in Bred By class on the 2nd day of Nationals

Thanks to Bill Cunningham!!

Both Amber & Sebastian went 2nd in thier class
at the Shih tzu Nationals in Atlanta, Ga on the 1st day!!!

Thanks to Sandy Wheat!!

Sebastian was RWD on Sat and BOW on Sun.
Amber was BOW on Sat and BOS on Sun.

Sebastian'sBest Puppy In Show!!

Look at my Stuff!!
I'm gonna kill that toy later!! LOL

Sebastian's 3rd Show!!

Sebastian's 2nd Show!!

Sebastian's 1st Show and 1st 2 points!!.

Sebastian 3 months old, CUTE!!!

His favorite position..6 months old. LOL

Sebastian's 1st Show!! 6.5 Months Old.

Sebastian and his new girlfriend Amber.
He LOVES her!! LOL

Sebastian 7 months old.

Me and My Boy!!
He is sooo ADORABLE!!!

Sebastian in Motion, Beautiful!!!

He's so Handsome!!!!

Handsome Boy!!!

My favorite spot

No it's not Photoshoped!! LOL

Relaxing at the show!!!

1st Haircut. I'm so Handsome!!

Sebastian 3 years old

Sebastian & Mozart...Father & Son
My Handsome Boys!!

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