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Also available in Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan & Illinois

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"GCH Mr Foo's The Red Rocker At Jam-Up's"
Call name "SAMMY"!!!

10 months old!!!!

Sammy is a beautiful son of our Dani
& GCH Wenricks Don't Stop Believing....PANDA
2016 Westminster Kennel Club Toy Group Winner!!!!
He is named after Sammy Hagar
He is co-owned with Janis Clary Oehlschlager

Sammy 1st Major, 6mths to the day!!!

Sammy 2nd Major, 6mths & 1 day!!!

Sammy 3rd Major, 5 Points!!
Best of Breed over 4 Specials!!!

Sammy 4th Major, 5 Points!!!
Best of Breed over 4 Specials!!
New Champion 6.5 months old

Sammy Group 1 Owner Handler!!!


Group 4 & another Group 1 Owner Handler!!!

Another Group 4 & Group 3 Owner Handler!!!

Sammy 6 weeks old.

Stevie & Sammy

Sammy 3.5 months old.

Sammy & Stevie 4 motnhs old

Sammy 4.5 months old.

Sammy 5 months old.

Sammy 6 months old.

Sammy 1st Show

Sammy Showing Off

Sammy & Me. He is too cute!!!

Sammy 10 Months

Just for fun!!!

Sleeping with his sister.

Handsome Boy!!

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