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Mr. Foo's Shih tzu Archived Guestbook

Name :   Anita Skadra
Location :   The Villages
E-mail :
Date: :   FEb 18th , 2007
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Comments: :   Your crew is beautiful.
Name :   Sue Becker
Location :   Cincinnati, Oh
E-mail :
Date: :   1/25/07
Questions: :   What kind of shampoo and cream rinse do you use?
Comments: :   Beautiful!!! Just beautiful!!! I love looking through your cite at all the beautiful Shih Tzus. I even have Jack as my wallpaper on my computer. Ive gotten many grooming ideas from you such as the everyday pony tails. Yes, I have one Shih Tzu and she is
Name :   Carol Eells
Location :   Grants pass, Oregon
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Date: :   12-8-2006
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Comments: :   You have a beautiful site. I check in often. I have a two year old Shih Tzu named Abby. sisce my husband died last March she has been my angel..These little dogs are truely special..
Name :   Silvia Grimm
Location :   Germany
E-mail :
Date: :   16-November-2006
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Comments: :   Hello, wonderful Dogs and great Website, best regards,Silvia,Bernd and Poodles.
Name :   Elaine Bartosavage
Location :   Woodbridge,Va
E-mail :
Date: :   11/14/06
Questions: :   I am looking for a breeder show red and white puppy . I would like to breed her once . I have a female 4 years old . I never bred her because she had a hernia at birth. I have a old male 10 that I bred 5 years ago but his wife dird of cancer . I showed sc
Comments: :   your dogs are exqusite . I showed persiancats and exotic cat all over the world . I want a very typy puppy for me to love and be my special girl . I love the red and whites
Name :   Dawne
Location :   Alaska
E-mail :
Date: :   8/10/2006
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Name :   Anne Trenary
Location :   Glendale, Illinois
E-mail :
Date: :   08/07/2006
Questions: :   We are interested in a show prospect male and have just started this search and have lots of questions and need to study on the standard
Comments: :   Please answer and advise us this breed. I do have two Bostons that I am currently showing. thanks for your time. Anne
Name :   Carol
Location :   Roanoke,Va.
E-mail :
Date: :   07/16/06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Love your site and looking at you children they are very very nice.Like checking out your links too.I also like the way you did you site.Good Luck
Name :   Tatiana
Location :   Russia
E-mail :
Date: :   22.05.2006
Questions: :   
Comments: :   At you very beautiful website and remarkable dogs! I very much like Autumn! Lovely girl! Good luck in the future
Name :   Diane Renda
Location :   School
E-mail :
Date: :   May 8, 2006
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Hi Lisa, Just checking on pictures of Jack. What a handsome boy! Sabrina has made friends with the 3 kids next door. They wait for me to come home from school so that Sabrina can come out to play with them. They give her a good work out. Shes doing just g
Name :   Mandy Carlson
Location :   Moore, OK
E-mail :
Date: :   05/08/06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Hi Lisa, You have a great website. Hope to see you soon! Mandy Carlson
Name :   Heather
Location :   Sydney Australia
E-mail :
Date: :   9th April 2006
Questions: :   Do you ever sell show puppies.
Comments: :   I think your dogs are very nice i also show and breed shih-tzus down here in Australia.
Name :   Michelle
Location :   St. Peters
E-mail :
Date: :   3/27/06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I have just put a deposit on a puppy from Show Me Shih Tzu and was excited to see that Dream is the daddy. He is an extemely good looking little guy. I own a dog grooming business in St. Peters and can tell a good one from a not so good one. I actually fo
Name :   Donna
Location :   Ballwin, MO
E-mail :
Date: :   3/3/2006
Questions: :   
Comments: :   We have a 15 month old female shih tzu, Mariah. She is the love of our lives and now we would like to have another. I have been looking at your website and love your shih tzus. They are beautiful. I will keep in touch let you know when we would like to ad
Name :   Traci
Location :   Georgia
E-mail :
Date: :   03/02/06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   You have precious dogs. They all have the pretty face that my Shih Tzu has.
Name :   Diane
Location :   Coffey
E-mail :
Date: :   feb 24 2006
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Comments: :   I visit your site often to admire your beautiful shih tzus. We have a four month old puppy from Lionlily that we adore. Her name is Belle. Your pups are exceptional and I enjoy visiting your website just to look over and over again. Diane
Name :   Samra
Location :   Bahamas
E-mail :
Date: :   Feb 12 06
Questions: :   i have a shih tzu he is 3 months old how do i train him to go use the bathroom out side, and to not eat the babys toys. he is a hand full and wont walk on his leash.he tears up everything in his way he is mixed with a poddle.Do u sell your shih tzu? and s
Comments: :   I am impressed with your presentation of all of your pages, it is VERY professional rich looking and i would book mark this page and hope you contact me in response to my questions.KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORKS. Samra.
Name :   Kerry
Location :   Boonville, Mo
E-mail :
Date: :   2-7- 06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I just wanted to tell you how adorable your puppies are. I was in here looking for a puppy for my sister in law. I think they are totally adorable.
Name :   Karen
Location :   Ohio
E-mail :
Date: :   2-3-06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Lisa, I have been so busy viewing all 4 web sites and all these beautiful,stunning shih-tzu. Thanks for talking with me. Wish you the best with your new babies.
Name :   Diane Renda
Location :   Mesnier School
E-mail :
Date: :   Feb. 1, 2006
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I am so excited about the puppies. I have put the little female on my screensaver. That way everyone can ooh and ahh over her.
Name :   Carol Eells
Location :   Grants pass, Oregon
E-mail :
Date: :   1-21-06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   what beautiful fur babies. I have a wonderful 18 month little girl Abby, that is the joy of our life. Abby is the third Shih tzu we have had and all were just wonderful. You have a wonderful site, and I check in just to look at your beautiful little ones.
Name :   Liz Hunnicutt
Location :   Stilwell, Kansas
E-mail :
Date: :   01-20-06
Questions: :   
Comments: :   hoping somewhere down the road to purchase one of your puppies...They are stunning! Anxious to see your litter Feb 6th...Liz
Name :   Holly Brockman
Location :   Alton, Illinois
E-mail :
Date: :   12/31/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Just came back to look at your site again. Thought that I would sign the guest book. Love your site and cant wait to see your litter of puppies. Would love to be contacted when we can start the ordering!! Thanks :)
Name :   Toni
Location :   Bryant
E-mail :
Date: :   12/10/05
Questions: :   when will you have puppies available? I am interested in a female. I live in St. Louis.
Comments: :   Your Shih Tzus are beautiful!
Name :   vickey sanborn magic bulldogs
Location :   ofallon mo.
E-mail :
Date: :   12/3/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   lisa,your website looks great,& your dogs are beautiful. i really like your otter.
Name :   Jennifer Fuhrman
Location :   Ashland, Wisconsin
E-mail :
Date: :   November 7, 2005
Questions: :   Beautiful Website! I love your dogs. I found this site surfing My cousin owns PuppySites, so I like to look around! ;o)
Comments: :   Have a great day, keep up the great work! ;o)
Name :   Colette Dacey
Location :   Wentzville
E-mail :
Date: :   9-14-05
Questions: :   We would like to get a family dog and we have decided on a shih-tzu. I keep coming back to your web site and would like to talk with you about it. please let me know when we could speak on the phone. Thank you, Colette
Comments: :   
Name :   Skip & POat Nichols
Location :   Lebanon, Mo.
E-mail :
Date: :   9/13/05
Questions: :   We are anxiously awaiting our baby, Glamour. Do you have an updated photo?
Comments: :   
Name :   Manda
Location :   Lees Summit, MO
E-mail :
Date: :   07/29/2005
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I cant wait to bring Roxy home!!!! Her daddy is a cutie patootie and it is going to be fun watching Roxy grow up to be just like him :-)
Name :   Tracie Robbins
Location :   Bay Shore NY
E-mail :
Date: :   7/18/05
Questions: :   When will you be having puppies again.?
Comments: :   I think your furbabies are beautiful.I have owned two and they lived to a very ripe old age. I am now alone and miss one around me all the time. thanks for your site Tracie
Name :   Debbie Kipp
Location :   Arnold missouri
E-mail :
Date: :   07/12/05
Questions: :   We have a mix Shih-tzu and Yorkie mix. He was found in the Gasconade pound. Mutts and Stuff rescued him. Now he is mine. What a fun loving dog. Wanted to know if you will be having a litter soon. My daughter would like one.
Comments: :   Also your site is setup beautifully Thanks D Kipp
Name :   sable
Location :   vancouver island b c
E-mail :   y-von
Date: :   may 2, 2005
Questions: :   Looking for female show prospect for Canadian Shows. Recently finished 2 shih tzu actively looking for Gold & White female. CAN YOU HELP????
Comments: :   Beautiful dogs - exceptional color & quality. Very unique dogs with distinct appearance. Great web-site.
Name :   Anne Chivetta
Location :   St. Louis
E-mail :
Date: :   4/19/05
Questions: :   I really like your website. We are thinking of adding another dog to our family. We have an 8 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever so I liked seeing the pictures of your Great Dane with your Shih Tzu. Chessie is obedience trained (thanks to me) and hunt trai
Comments: :   
Name :   Brian Willis
Location :   Kansas CIty
E-mail :
Date: :   4/9/05
Questions: :   Lisa, Please call or email us about Tiger. We need to know what we need to do to raise Dylan son. Thanks, Brian and Paula Willis
Comments: :   
Name :   B. Lenart
Location :   Polish
E-mail :
Date: :   09.04.05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Hello! You have beautiful shih-tzu. Best regards from Poland
Name :   Dawn Dikeman
Location :   Oologah, Ok
E-mail :
Date: :   04/06/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   It was a pleasure viewing your dogs. They are truly gorgeous!
Name :   Susan G Klein
Location :   Jackson, Michigan
E-mail :
Date: :   3/06/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Your Tzus are beautiful. I also love your Dane. Mine passed away several yrs. ago and I miss her. I currently have seven Tzus. All are the love of my life and my joy!
Name :   Debbie Hooker
Location :   Schaumburg, IL
E-mail :
Date: :   2/24/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I have two shit-tzu, and my cousin fell in love with them and he and his family now have one of your puppies. My cousin is Bob Mitchell of Springfield, IL. and he and his family are now the proud parents of Boo. He is a beautiful little puppy.
Name :   Beth
Location :   Warren, Ohio
E-mail :   ItsJustLize
Date: :   1/22/05
Questions: :   
Comments: :   Your dogs look so sweet and beautiful. I have been researching the shih tzu breed and am seriously considering adopting one as a member of my little family. Yours are about the prettiest I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Name :   veronica cruz
Location :   Miami, FL
E-mail :
Date: :   12/23/04
Questions: :   
Comments: :   i loved the pictures they were awesome and it gave me a lot of ideas on how to cut my shih tzu, motika.
Name :   Marina
Location :   
E-mail :
Date: :   
Questions: :   
Comments: :   What a wonderful homepage , You have BEAUTIFUL shih-tzu. Good luck for the future in showing and bredding. Warm greetings from Russia-Moscow
Name :   Maryna
Location :   Springfield, IL
E-mail :   
Date: :   11/22/04
Questions: :   
Comments: :   We are so excited to be taking home one of those beautiful puppies in 7 weeks!!
Name :   Zoe Ashman, Zefa Shih-tzu
Location :   UK
E-mail :
Date: :   11-2-04
Questions: :   
Comments: :   I have been on your site many times and just wanted to say how wonderfull I think your dogs are, really stunning, I was also very interested in Autum as a lot of her pedigree is very simular to the pedigrees I have here in the UK. I have 6 shih-tzu 4 sh
Name :   Bogumila
Location :   Poland
E-mail :
Date: :   10/28/04
Questions: :   
Comments: :   What a wonderful homepage , You have BEAUTIFUL Tzus. Good luck for the future in showing and bredding. Warm greetings from Poland Bogumila and the gang
First Name :   Vanina Cobeaga
Location :   Naples, Florida
E-mail :
Comments: :   I used to be a big dog lover and was so fortunate to have been introduced to the Shih Tzu eight years ago. I have two beautiful girls and would love to add to the family soon. I must say that your Shih Tzus--especially Dream and Autumn--are STUNNING!! You
Questions: :   Im sure youve received countless inquiries for the Dream and Autumns expected litter. I, too, would love the opportunity to provide one of the puppies with a loving home. Please contact me, if you would, either by email or at 239-775-2238 (home). Thank yo
First Name :   Meredith
Location :   Cape Girardeau,MO
E-mail :
Comments: :   My Shih Tzu, Jessie, died this past May. I have a Standard male Poodle that is 2. I miss my little girl and would like to get another (not to breed) in about 6 mos. to a year, when the poodle is more mature. Saw your dogs at the Cape dog show this past we
Questions: :   
First Name :   Carole Welch
Location :   Toronto, Canada
E-mail :
Comments: :   Gorgeous, Gorgeous Shih Tzus!!! Absolutely made my day. I have a special little shih tzu in my life too...his name is Willy All Boy. You breed perfect puppies.
Questions: :   
First Name :   Jacob Boelz
Location :   Minnesota
E-mail :
Comments: :   You truley have some of prettiest Shih Tzus I have seen in a long time!! I have a little boy my self and he means the world to me!!
Questions: :   I am looking for a male blk\wht Shih Tzu!! Could you contact me as soon as you know of any beenin born!
First Name :   Jessica
Location :   Ontario Canada
E-mail :
Comments: :   What wonderful dogs!!!!! I am searching for a female to show and breed. I just love the faces and the colour of the ones you have on the net!I have a few maltese mostly retired now and three yorkies, 2 retired and one having her last litter. I thought I w
Questions: :   
First Name :   Cheryl
Location :   Tri State NY,NJ,PA area
E-mail :
Comments: :   Your Shih Tzu are gorgeous and I think your web sight is very tasteful. I have 3 Shihs myself and love them very much.
Questions: :   Do you have show pups available or on the way in the future?

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